About the work: These prints may appear to be animated and fanciful creatures, but they are all based on actual plants and organic matter. They might also be referred to as zoophytes. This series is called Botanical Beasties to describe the blending of two sources of inspiration: the traditional herbal and the bestiary. The Latin name for the actual plant is given first, followed by the alias of the "beastie". The original series of drawings was executed in ink and gouache and can be viewed in the Drawings tab under Probable/Improbable.

Creation dates: 2009 - 2010.
Medium: Etching
Size: 4" x 6"
Edition: Vertical Prints are editions of 20; Horizontal Prints are editions of 10.
All prints are available for purchase.

or The Gypsy Bagalag.

or The Bobbing Teddy Hounds

Pisum sativa, or
The Dapper Glow Cloaker

Adientum pedantum, or
The Nocturnal Lemasupial

Columna "Robin", or
The Plucky Pelted Poppets

Disa uniforma, or
The Boggle-boff Ballyhoo

Calypso bulbosa, or
The Tip Toe Fandangelo

Globba radicalis, or
The Crooning Mongrelis

Phalaenopsis, or
The Long-nosed Wingnut

Viburnum, or
The Totem Wompons

Found stick, or
The Shifty-eyed Twizzler

Asclepias syriaca, or
The Fluffer Nutter

Lemboglossum rossii, or
The Ascot Bibberbiddy

Aeschynanthus "Black Pagoda", or
The Chuckle Bass Flippant

Psychopsis papilio , or
The Falsetto Crown Mummer

Nepenthes raffesiana, or
The Tut Jugmuggle

Aerides odorata, or
The Drowsy Tuffet Whumps

Paeonia, or
The Fuddy Rumple Grimacer

Phragmipedium sedenii, or
The Royal Swaddled Flapdoodle

Acer campestre, or
TheSwooping Jibjabs

Angraecum eburneum, or
The Tart-Mouthed Grumpons

Costus malortieanus, or
The Snazzle Ruff Pipper


Schlumbergera, or
The Diving Swany Apso

Macropedia, or
The Slack-jawed Polyglotinus

Pyrus, or
The Periscopic Peckeroo


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